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CHEA International Directories, Click here to see ECLBS on the CHEA International Directory website

Since all conditions set down in CHEA CIQG Statutes are met, ECLBS becomes a member of CHEA CIQG, a network of quality assurance professionals from across the world.

"As an ECLBS Executive Board Member, I am pleased to announce that our organization has joined CHEA's International Quality Group (CIQG) with a strong commitment to enhancing academic quality on a global scale," stated Mrs. D. Jansone. She further added that it is fulfilling to be a member of this significant forum and to take part in the CHEA Conferences, which will focus on exploring global resources to address challenges such as defining quality and fighting against fake diplomas and accreditation mills.

CIQG is an important forum for colleges, universities, accrediting, and quality assurance organizations, and others to address issues regarding quality assurance in an international setting. In addition, the group seeks to enhance capacity for academic research and policy direction. Click here to see ECLBS on the CHEA CIQG members list

In addition, organizations that are part of CIQG uphold the International Quality Principles outlined in the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA). Currently, fewer than 50 quality assurance organizations worldwide have signed an MoU with CHEA-CIQG. To view the list of these organizations, please visit the CHEA-CIQG website by clicking here 

memorandum of understanding

ECLBS is proud to sign an MoU with the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) Quality International Group (CIQG), click here to see the MoU on the CHEA-CIQG website



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